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Journalist Application


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Civil Voice Groups provides a free pass to the free press!

Our Civil Voice Groups nonprofit a Canadian and USA approved nonprofit.  All donations, membership verification fees and financials will be publicly audited to ensure accountabilty and build trust.

Our platform will provide journalists with many features pertinent to their reporting focus.Your journalist account will also be provided a "member" role which allows you to participate like any other member.

Note our application process allows you to review all information required before you get started.  Just click [Next] to preview all screens.  After completing your application, we will humanly review and verify your application.

Let's get started!

Personal Account Information
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Account Login Information

This information is required to login to your account. For your e-mail address, use a news organization e-mail account (not a generic e-mail address such as gmail).

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Password must contain mixed case alpha-numeric values and a special character.   Eg: Qe32Abc plus a ! # $ % ^ @ & * ( ) + ? character
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The login phrase is a secondary security login requirement.  The phrase must be a minimum of 16 characters.   See login phrase examples
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Our platform will never expose your mobile number.  We need this number to contact you.
Real Profile Information

When interacting with people you trust, your real name, real profile picture and byline is displayed.

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Real Profile Picture:

Please select a real picture of yourself.  If left blank, an anonymous icon image will be used.

Real Profile Byline: Your real byline provides a snippet of information about you.  See rules about real profile bylines.
Anonymous Profile Information

When interacting anonymously, your anonymous name is displayed instead of your real name.  Please define your anonymous profile name, select a different picture and byline that will be displayed when interacting anonymously.

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Anonymous Profile Name: See rules about anonymous profile names.
Anonymous Profile Picture:

When using your anonymous profile, the picture selected here will be displayed.  If left blank, an anonymous icon image will be used.  See rules about anonymous profile pictures.

Anonymous Profile Byline: When using your anonymous profile, this byline will be displayed.  See rules about anonymous profile bylines.
Journalist Vetting Information

We need this information to confirm you are who you say you are.

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Link to your journalist profile:
Links to articles you have written:
Please provide comments to help us verify you adhere to journalist canons: We welcome comments how to improve our journalist vetting process.

If you used a generic non-corporate e-mail address, we will probably require a Skype or GOTO webcam verification meeting to humanly verify your application to ensure your face matches public records.

Activities & Interests:

The Civil Voice Groups platform is opt-in permission based.  Note that additional "special" features provided to journalists are proactive, they do not require your opt-in permission.  Please set your opt-in activity permissions below:

The Civil Voice Groups platform uses categories to identify a journalist's focus and interest.  Please identify your categorical interests below.  Activities selected above will then be provided for the interests you select below.

Are we missing a category or subcategory? Feel free to suggest using "Category | SubCategory":

Suggestion 1:
Suggestion 2:
Suggestion 3:
I wish to receive updates about platform progress (new features & functionality).
Policies Confirmation
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All communication must be polite and respectful of differences of opinion.   Derogatory or non-respective communication will not be tolerated.   All platform users must adhere to this policy.

The Civil Voice Groups platform is based upon delivering goals to benefit the whole of humanity and our planet.   All platform users must strive to deliver civic goodness while not harming others nor our plant.

Rights of others must be respected regardless of religious beliefs, culture, skin color, age, birth place or sexual orientation.   All platform users must adhere to this policy.

Truth and honesty are core principles to live by.   All members and organizations must endeavor to be truthful and honest with others.

Your Journalist application will be submitted when Save is clicked.  Upon success, you can login to change your information as required.  Note your application will be processed in the order received.  We will notify you when approved or contact you if required.


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